Ukraine Transportation

Yakup Logistics, a pioneer in Ukraine transportation services and the logistics sector, offers comprehensive services in road and sea transportation. We continuously work with different vehicles such as curtain-sided trucks, refrigerated trucks, flatbed curtain-side trucks, lowbed curtain-side trucks, and more. Our aim is to safely transport all types of your cargo to various regions of Ukraine and be your most significant support in your transportation processes.

Especially for export shipments, we carry out import and third-country shipments as complete, partial, and groupage transportation. Providing fast and reliable services is a fundamental principle for us. With years of experience, we meticulously adhere to all required procedures for all shipments and transport all your cargo safely under CMR insurance.

We transport your export shipments from various cities in Turkey, especially to cities in Ukraine such as Kiev, Odesa, Kherson, Kharkiv, Lviv, Donetsk, and others in the fastest way. Our vehicles also provide sea transportation by Ro-Ro ships, departing from Haydarpaşa and Zonguldak ports.

We don't limit ourselves to transportation alone; we also handle customs clearance, storage, handling, export, and import processes with great care. As your trusted solution partner on the Turkey-Ukraine transportation and logistics route, you can communicate your requests, receive our most competitive transportation price quotes in writing or verbally, and our expert team is ready to provide an immediate and positive response to all your requests.

Additionally, we have vehicles of different sizes with extendable options. We kindly request you to inform us about the loading and delivery point in Ukraine for us to calculate the transportation cost. Our maximum transportation tonnage limit is 22 tons, and the transit time generally varies between 4-5 days.

Ukraine Transportation Companies

The entire process of moving products from the manufacturing point to the sales point is called "logistics." This process includes packing products, storing them, loading them onto transportation vehicles, paperwork, customs procedures, and more. Many logistics companies in Turkey offer transportation services both domestically and internationally.

International transportation requires the ability to provide services to every country, which is why some companies focus on specific regions. The number of firms that can serve countries located between two continents, such as Ukraine, is limited. Yakup Logistics is among the most preferred transportation companies by exporters and foreign trade firms, thanks to its successful performance in Ukraine transportation services.

Cooperation agreements between the two countries support the organizations of Turkish and Ukrainian transportation companies since international road cargo transportation is carried out according to international regulations, and mobility is observed throughout the year. Both of our journeys start from Haydarpaşa and Zonguldak ports and include sea transportation by Ro-Ro ships.

Ukraine Partial Transportation Services

International shipments are typically carried out with complete trucks, but in some cases, a product or consumable is not enough to fill a truck entirely. In this case, partial transportation comes into play, and it is also catered to in Ukraine.

For overseas sales, partial shipments are usually taken from collection centers in Istanbul. Partial load groups from regions outside Istanbul are transported to our depots in Istanbul via domestic transportation. After completing official procedures at Istanbul customs, shipments begin. Partial loads are transported to all cities in Ukraine, including Kiev.

During partial transportation works, we also have the competence and equipment to provide support in terms of export and Ukraine import customs clearance services.

Routes Used in Ukraine Transportation Services

The routes used in international transportation form the basis of logistics activities between Turkey and Ukraine. These routes are the main arteries that ensure the safe and efficient transportation of cargo.

When transporting from Turkey to Ukraine, customs and road conditions of both countries are taken into account. Shipments usually start from Istanbul and are transported to Ukraine via Ro-Ro ships from major ports on the European side of Turkey. Trucks departing from Istanbul start their journey to reach Ukraine through Georgia.

Southern routes start from the north coast of the Sea of Marmara, continue to Kapıkule border gate, and then enter Ukraine. This route is commonly preferred, especially for shipments in Istanbul and the Thrace region.

When entering Ukraine through the Kapıkule border gate, the planning and organization of shipments are carried out with great precision. This process includes customs, transit documents, and cargo protection.

Feel free to contact us for more information about transportation from Turkey to Ukraine and to receive transportation price quotes in the shortest time. As Yakup Logistics, we are happy to offer customized solutions for your logistics needs.

Transportation Durations Between Turkey and Ukraine

The transportation sector is a field that offers various options, and different transportation methods are used depending on the type and urgency of the cargo to be transported. Various transportation options, such as road, air, sea, and rail, are commonly used in international trade. These options are flexibly chosen according to transportation needs.

In international transportation, transportation time is of great importance. Especially when doing business with Ukraine, the arrival time is a critical factor for the recipients. It is essential that any export cargo arrives safely within the planned time frame. Nowadays, for standard transportation conducted by road or sea, the average arrival time from Turkey to various regions in Ukraine is 4-5 days.

However, delays can occur due to special circumstances and unexpected events (force majeure). Especially, for vehicles carrying heavy cargo, the arrival time may be longer than usual. This is because heavy cargo requires more time to transport compared to regular transportation vehicles. Therefore, it is important to remember that the arrival time for such cargo may be approximately 3-4 days longer than usual.

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