Turkmenistan Transportation

As an international transportation company, we also provide Turkey Turkmenistan transportation service. Our company provides our valued customers with the opportunity to safely and reliably transport their belongings to Turkmenistan. During the time we have been serving between Turkey and Turkmenistan, we have worked to offer the most appropriate and economical solutions to meet the demands of our customers.

The services we offer include partial transportation, heavy cargo transportation and special transportation. All our transportation services are carried out with the utmost care for the safety of our customers' goods. Our company offers fast and reliable services to our customers by using the latest generation vehicles. At the same time, necessary measures are taken to provide up-to-date and accurate information for the tracking of our customers' goods.

Turkmenistan Transportation Service

Our company, which is constantly at the forefront of Turkmenistan transportation services, has been continuing its activities in the field of transportation since its establishment. Turkmenistan Turkey in the field of transportation, our company, which carries out transportation work with road freight transportation certificate, moves all its vehicles within the scope of insurance. At the same time, all transported loads are insured.

Our transportation company especially in export operations; It delivers machines, spare parts, generators, construction materials, textile products and marble to the desired location in a faultless and safe way.

In our import operations; raw materials, timber, OSB, plywood, machinery and spare parts, chocolate, chips, paper and paper products have a large share.

Our company, which is in equipped logistics services in international road transportation and all kinds of cargo transportation, has extremely modern vehicles, trucks, professional employees and equipped equipment in Turkmenistan transportation service. In this way, it continues its transportation activities with a quality service understanding.

Transportation operations between our country and Turkmenistan are carefully planned by our company. We can list the process steps as follows;

Communication with the customer: We are in contact with our customers and we are closely interested in you in order to fully understand their transportation demands.

  • Pricing: A charge is made depending on the characteristics of the goods and the distance of the location to be transported.
  • Transportation Plan: All transportation details are planned, such as the date of transportation, location, route, choice of equipment and vehicles to be used in transportation.
  • Goods loading: The packaging and loading of the cargo is carried out meticulously for the safety of our customers' goods.
  • Transportation: We carry out the transportation process with our modern and technological vehicles. Your goods are safely transported to Turkmenistan.
  • Customs Clearance: As Turkmenistan transportation company, during the transportation process, we prepare all documents for customs clearance and carry out the procedures.
  • Goods unloading: The goods are safely unloaded to the location to be transported.
  • Delivery: We provide you with information about the safe delivery of your products to Turkmenistan.

In order to provide you with the highest quality and reliable service, we work diligently and carefully throughout all processes. Transport your shipments safely with our Turkmenistan transportation services. With Turkmenistan shipping company, transportation transportation processes do not tire you anymore!

Turkmenistan Truck Transportation Company

Our company, which has made a name for itself as an expert in the transportation sector, continues its international transportation activities by expanding its service scale with Turkmenistan truck transportation. As a reliable Turkmenistan truck transportation service, we always adopt a fast and robust delivery as a principle.

As Turkmenistan transportation companies, we produce solutions such as heavy transportation and partial within our service alternatives. Adhering to our standards, we always bring our technological techniques and truck fleet to a new and up-to-date state. By focusing on our business in the most accurate way with the audit in the sector, we keep the satisfaction at the highest level.

We can transport to Turkmenistan in different ways. Most of the time, road and maritime transportation options are used together. Because our goal is always to deliver your goods in quality, safe, on time and at affordable prices. In our activity processes, we make a program by taking your demands into consideration and we can deliver between 8 and 10 days in our Turkmenistan road transportation works.

Professional Turkmenistan Transportation Company in Every Field

As a company that transports to Turkmenistan, we plan your transactions with our expert and experienced team. From each of our customers on the transportation route, the goods they want to deliver to Turkmenistan are taken and loaded into suitable vehicles. Thus, highly efficient and equipped transportation operations are carried out.

If the transportation costs are too high for you, one of the most suitable solutions will be to work with a company that is both high quality and affordable. We are increasing our standards day by day to provide you with the best service. Quality and speed are among the most important concepts in freight transportation. We are also doing our work by proceeding in this way.

The fact that your loads are small does not affect the importance we attach to the work. Our company prevents any damage that may occur by showing the same meticulousness in the loading and unloading stages of the loads. In this way, all loads, even if small, are transported carefully and carefully.

Turkmenistan Reliable Logistics Services

The transportation sector is among the most dynamic sectors of today. Our country has also made significant contributions to the logistics sector thanks to the successful steps it has taken in recent years regarding outward orientation. Since there have been significant increases in quality both in the field of manufacturing and in the field of logistics, especially the requests from abroad are increasing at the same rate.

Today, the number of countries we export to has increased significantly compared to the past. Our country, which has increased its export-intensive trade capacity with all countries of the Asian and European continents, has also entered into extremely intense relations with Turkmenistan, which is located in Asian countries and whose year-based data has increased significantly compared to previous years.

Our company, which is among Turkmenistan logistics companies in logistics processes, attaches great importance to ensuring all necessary permits and controls. Thus, a complete and smooth transportation process is provided. We provide services in a programmed manner within the scope of the cities where our customers want to benefit from logistics services.

Turkmenistan Transportation Prices

Turkmenistan transportation prices may vary according to different factors. In this regard, factors such as the route to be preferred, the weight of the goods to be transported, the distance of the locations where the goods will be received and delivered change the prices. However, you can get transportation service at average price levels suitable for your budget by our company. You can also contact us for detailed information and current prices.


While freight prices were previously used only for maritime transportation, they are now also used in road and air transportation options. It is called the price requested from the loads carried in any transportation process. The person who sends the goods or the person who will receive the goods at the delivery point can pay the freight prices. 

Turkmenistan Partial Transportation

Our company provides partial transportation services to almost all cities of Turkmenistan. Partial transportation includes part load transportation services apart from standard transportation services. In this context, we provide partial freight transportation services to different customers from departure locations in our country.

Our company, which provides partial transportation services in Turkmenistan, plans this process in the most efficient and equipped way possible. We plan the goods of each of our customers on the transportation route correctly and choose the appropriate vehicle for the process. With our service that saves both time and space, it is also possible to get an extremely convenient transportation service. In addition to complete truck transportation, Turkmenistan partial goods are delivered to customs points in the destination regions, not address delivery.

Freight prices in partial transportation are calculated according to the size and weight of the goods to be transported. If the ratio of the dimensions of the load to the weight is high, freight charges are made in cubic meters, while the weight is based on tonnage if the weight is more than the size. While partial prices are mostly fixed, they may differ in some aspects.

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