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Russia, despite its vast geographical size and challenging climate conditions, is a country with limitations when it comes to growing agricultural products. Russia is heavily dependent on imports for certain food products, especially fresh vegetables and fruits, and often sources a significant portion of these products from countries like Turkey. As a result, there are regular and intensive shipments from Turkey to Russia, and many transportation companies play a crucial role in this route.

Yakup Logistics, as a long-standing company in this field, holds a respected position on the Turkey-Russia transportation route. It has become one of the rare Russia transportation organizations preferred by many exporting companies in Turkey. Our logistic services to Russia encompass a wide range of offerings, including complete truck transportation, partial shipments, oversized heavy transportation, refrigerated truck transportation, and container transportation.

Partial Transportation Services to Russia

One of the most commonly used methods in international transportation is road transportation. Full truckload shipments are generally made in road transportation, but there is also significant demand for partial shipments that carry cargo loads. Yakup Logistics caters to its customers' needs by providing regular partial transportation services from our logistic depots in Istanbul. This service involves the transportation of all types of customs-cleared partial and cargo loads, usually delivered to customs points in Russia.

Istanbul stands out in partial transportation services to Russia. Partial loads sent from other Turkish cities depart from depots in Istanbul on specific days of the week. Partial transportation services are conducted through routes that pass through Georgia and Ukraine, typically destined for customs points near Moscow, Russia.

Import Transportation from Russia to Turkey

Given the intensity of commercial relations between Turkey and Russia, import holds great significance. Yakup Logistics successfully manages the transportation of products imported from Russia to Turkey. Our company meticulously handles the necessary customs procedures and logistic arrangements during the import process.

Our transportation routes across Russia include standard curtain-sided trucks, open platform trailers, refrigerated trailers, oversized cargo transportation, and container shipping. We offer services in various areas such as heavy cargo transportation, cold chain product transportation, flatbed cargo transportation, oversized heavy cargo transportation, and container shipping.

Russia Transportation Routes

Transportation routes for road transportation vary based on Russia's vast geographical size and location. There are three main routes commonly used to reach Russia from Turkey.

Via Georgia Route: This route stands out as the most frequently used and preferred option. Transporting goods from Turkey to Russia through Georgia is a commonly employed method. This route often includes crossing the Georgia-Russia border, with the destination primarily being near the city of Moscow.

Via Ukraine Route: This route is also heavily used. Transport vehicles often move from Istanbul, Sakarya, and Zonguldak ports via Ro-Ro (Roll-on/Roll-off) transport to the Odesa port in Ukraine. From there, distribution is made to various cities in Russia.

Via Europe Route: This route is less commonly used compared to the others and usually involves passage through European countries. This route may require a longer journey from the point of departure in Turkey, which can increase costs. However, in certain cases, this route may become necessary.

Russia Transportation Prices

Transportation fees can vary depending on factors such as the type of product, distance, and other variables. In Turkey-to-Russia transportations, especially for fast-spoiling products like fresh vegetables and fruits, there may be special requirements, such as refrigerated trailer transportation.

Yakup Logistics offers competitive and fair transportation prices to its customers. Prices generally remain fixed for transportations to active cities in Russia from Turkey, but for distant and inactive cities, prices may vary based on the current conditions in those cities. This way, we provide our customers with accurate and transparent pricing.

Transportation Duration to Russia

The transportation time to Russia can vary depending on the type of cargo, the destination, and other variables. Typically, for road or sea transportations from various points in Turkey to various cities in Russia, the average arrival time is 4-5 days.

However, delays can occur due to special circumstances and unexpected events (force majeure). Additionally, the transportation time for oversized heavy cargo loads may be longer, as these loads often require more time to transport compared to standard cargo vehicles. It's essential to keep in mind that the arrival time for such cargo may be approximately 3-4 days longer than usual.

Arrival Times for Trucks Between Turkey and Russia

In road transportation, full truckload transportation generally aims to deliver within 5 days, while for dry cargo transportation, this duration can be approximately 2 days. Depending on the chosen route, shipments reach their destination by crossing border points.

In conclusion, Yakup Logistics offers a reliable and efficient transportation solution with years of experience and various service options on the Turkey-Russia transportation route. We prioritize customer satisfaction in all transportation processes and maintain our commitment to ensuring the safe and timely delivery of products.

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