Yakup Lojistik

Yakup Logistics shares with you more than 20 years of knowledge and experience in the Transportation and Transportation sector. Since its establishment until today, it continues to grow with firm and confident steps in the logistics sector.

We reinforce our customer satisfaction with our principle of "On Time Delivery and Safe Transportation" in the international shipping and transportation sector. We offer you transportation and shipment service as soon as possible with our expert staff in Road, Maritime, Airway transportation.

Our company, located in Antakya, provides strong logistics support to export and import companies in transportation and transportation from anywhere in the world to anywhere in the world.

In addition to our logistics support, we offer warehouse and storage services in modern warehouses for your storage needs. Yakup Logistics also meets your needs with storage service.

We offer distribution services. Through our strong transportation network, we carry what you want to deliver to the desired address as soon as possible, at the most economical cost. During distribution and transportation, your goods are insured and transported safely.

We exist to produce real services outside the standards, to influence, develop, trust, mobilize and help individuals and institutions that need to create positive radical changes in their business...

* Contribution: Contributing to institutional development in the field of foreign trade

* Trust: Being honest, trustworthy, keeping secrets

* Speed: Producing results and saving time

* Differentiation: Going beyond what is expected of us, constantly seeking positive differences

* Capital: To provide profit to the parties.

* To make our customers taste an honest transportation without lies and deception,

* To ensure that the material is delivered to our customers in a fast and safe manner at the most affordable costs and to provide information flow to our customers during the service.

* In the event of a decrease in freight rates in the markets, the customer is immediately informed and these discounts are reflected to the parties without waiting for our customers to request from us.

* Establishing an office and storage network throughout Turkey to ensure that our customers receive their goods from the city where they are located without the hassle of internal transportation in groupage transportation,

* Providing our customers with collateral up to the cost of the goods in case of damage during transportation.

* To provide our customers with the longest payment terms in crisis environments and to ensure that the problems are overcome jointly,

* To provide the least costly transportation service to our customers by offering various transportation alternatives to our customers in project transportation,

* Providing competitive price, serial service and professional solutions to our valued customers,

* To realize timely, accurate, error-free and complete information transfer,

* Improving the training levels of our company employees for the sector,

* Permanently renewing, increasing and diversifying our vehicle fleet,

* To coordinate partial shipment organizations from all cities in Turkey,

* Realizing weekly partial shipments to Syria - Jordan and Saudi Arabia destinations,

* Organizing seminars and trainings for the sector,

* To take part in all organizations that will contribute to the benefit of society,

* To update the technological infrastructure, * To provide vehicle tracking system on the internet,

* To ensure healthy and continuous company development through strategic management planning,

* Our main goals are to take part in the network (agency association) of all countries of the world.

Since 2000, Uninterrupted Service and Result Guaranteed Logistics Network

20+ Years of Experience

Continuing service since 2000

On Time Delivery

On-time delivery to all countries in the world

Professional Team

Expert logistics team and experienced expert drivers

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